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Triple Threat Sports Management



Job Placement:
 The challenge of finding of the right situation for the right player is usually a labor-intensive and expensive effort. We perform an extensive global search for the perfect match. Triple Threat Sports does not charge the player any fee or reimbursement charge for this service.

Contract Negotiations:

 Agents negotiating NBA contracts receive a maximum fee of 4% from the player or less, if the player is drafted or signs a minimum contract.

There are no uniform contracts in Europe. Everything is negotiable. Within one country, no two contracts are alike. Because so many variables are at play, the involvement of a knowledgeable agent and expert legal advisors is crucial.

Our international team of agents and lawyers understand the important nuances associated with each contract negotiation. Whether you are negotiating a contract in the NBA or in one of the many European countries, Triple Threat Sports provides you with all the expertise you need in one place.


 Triple Threat Sports advises some of its players to explore additional insurance options. Such an approach will ensure a player's continuous insurance coverage and guard against coverage gaps that can occur.


It is against Triple Threat Sports company policy to lend money to players. A loan may be interpreted as a bribe or a violation of some paragraphs in the NBPA regulations governing Player Agents. Triple Threat Sports can and will assist the player in securing a loan from a bank.


Legal Services:

Triple Threat Sports has a team of attorneys to counsel its players on everything from contracts to taxation matters in both the U.S. and in Europe.


Whenever possible, Triple Threat Sports tries to offer its players marketing opportunities, but major endorsement opportunities in the United States are generally geared towards the super stars.

In Europe, sports marketing is highly regulated and quite restricted. The presence of so many cultural, legal and political differences requires great sensitivity when securing endorsements.


Financial Planning:

 Planning for your financial future is an important component of any player's career. If a player seeks assistance--from basic accounting help to more aggressive investing advice--our experts will assist you in navigating the financial process.

Triple Threat Sports can also offer expert tax advice on a player's global earnings. Sound tax advice is particularly important when a player moves among various European and/or NBA teams during his career. Issues of residency and taxable earnings can become complicated and can have a dramatic impact on a player's financial situation. Our diverse team makes it possible to look at tax ramifications from a truly international perspective.


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