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Triple Threat Sports Management


Robert Brown / Townsville Crocodiles NBL (Austrlia) Mc Donald's All-Star & Slam Dunk CHAMPION

Welcome to Triple Threat Sports Management

Triple Threat Sports Management is a new sport agency based in Kansas City, Missouri. We believe that we are on the cutting edge of the athletic representation business using the World Wide Web and innovative working relationships with other sport agencies to offer the best service and support we can for our clients. Although Triple Threat Sports Management is located in the Midwestern United States we recognize that it is essential that we have global access to and for our clients.

We are an independent, full-service agency, providing our clients with business, marketing, and personal services. Our business services include draft preparation, contract negotiation, and global career management. Our marketing department spends time with each player to develop a plan for off-court interest, revenue, and community service. Our client services department handles virtually any need that may arise so our players can focus on basketball. We pride ourselves on the partnerships and relationships we build with our players, and have an incredible retention rate.






An International Basketball Agency