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TTSM International Free Agent Camp

Combine Results

Combine Results & Evaluations:

"TTSM would like to congratulate those players that where selected to participate in the Austrailian ABA"
"TTSM would like to congratulate Jeff Graves for recieving an Invitation to attend the LA Summer Pro Am with the Toronto Raptors of the NBA."
We would first of all like to apologize for the tardieness of the Combine Information.  For reasons that where out of our control we where unable to recieve pertinent information at the timeline that was proposed. 
Also we would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in our event.  Overall the competition level at the combine was labeled as Average, after viewing the films we consulted with all teams that participated and came up with camp evaluations and rankings. 
Every player that participated at the combine will also recieve a Global Basketball Directory with contact information on teams world wide, in order to market yourself.  Also any player that would like to participate in the Kentucky Pro Am with team TTSM is invited to play free as charged (Space will be limited to 10 players). 
Due to the recruiting season we will not be in the office full time again until June.  If you need to contact us regarding a job placement or a reccomendation, the best way is to contact us via email.
Remember this is only the opinion of TTSM and our affiliated agencies.  These evaluations are in no way provided to discredit you as a player.  Teams have asked that we give honest and accurate information and that is what we have provided.

Kansas City Pro Am
Mark Strands (
We have secured an affiliation with the group that is operating the Kansas City Pro-Am (NCAA Certified).
*  Those players that live in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area are invited to participate in the league.  The League runs June through July.
*  Due to the Pro Am being a certified event all players will be required to pay full payment of $16.00 US per game for 8 games (Uniforms included)
If you would like to register for the Pro Am please email Mark Strands at
Registration closes May 20 due to league draft.